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TC Livarstvo

Your partner in foundry

TC Livarstvo

TC Livarstvo d.o.o. is a company that offers support to foundries. We are working on area of ex-Yugoslavia countries; Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

A small professional and interdisciplinary team with knowledge on the field of foundry, metallurgy, materials, machining, electricity can offer you help and support with solving technology problems in the wide foundry area.

We can offer services with numerical calculations of foundry processes, such as optimization of foundry technology of a part to minimize scrap, optimization of production processes in the foundry, etc.

With thermal analysis for aluminium alloys, what is product of our development, we offer system for controlling the melt quality. The system is capable to suggest actions to improve the analyzed melt.


We can offer to produce prototype castings, small series castings, development of new materials or alloys. We can prepare you proper foundry technology for your part, castings can be delivered by us or we can connect you with suitable foundry company who will produce the parts.


TC Livarstvo has experiences with delivering castings from several alloys: gray iron with lamellar, vermicular and spheroidal graphite, tempered alloy, steel, Al alloys, Mg alloys, Zn alloys, Cu alloys, Ti alloys and special materials and alloys on base of cobalt, chromium and wolfram.


TC Livarstvo is official representative for selling ESI Group software on area of ex-Yugoslavia countries. 


In Slovenia and Croatia TC Livarstvo is official representative of swiss company Fondarex – the producer of vacuum systems for HPDC.