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TC Livarstvo

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TC Livarstvo

TC Livarstvo is official representative for selling ESI Group software on area of ex-Yugoslavia countries.

ESI Group software portfolio covers several programs for virtual design and virtual planning and virtual production.


More about specific software you can find at ESI Group webpage or you can contact us and we will prepare proper presentation for you.


One of the ESI Group's software advantages is that some of them are able to form virtual chain. That means that complete production process of some part can be done in virtual; in virtual environment the process can be optimized in such degree that first prototype piece can also be first parts from serial production.
Example from virtual chain is welded piece which is assembled from stamped plate. Parts of plate are stamped, assembled and welded. If we consider in virtual production each technology - stamping and welding; on its own we get different results than if we consider residual stresses from stamping as an input data for welding process. Several software in ESI Group portfolio can form a virtual chain.