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TC Livarstvo

Tungsten alloys

Weldstone supplies semi-finished products and blanks based on tungsten and tungsten alloys in various geometries and compositions. Available are a series of standard alloys which meet the different standards like e.g. ASTM B777, MIL-T-21014D or AMS 7725E.

Weldstone supplies most of the products as ready-to-use end products. In this way, customers benefit from the machining processes specially tailored to these materials and receive high-precision products with a full guarantee. Since in many cases final blanks can be produced, customers save money on materials and get cost-optimized solutions.

Weldstone represents the complete production process, from powder production to CNC processing. This allows Weldstone to produce and combine very individual materials. The joining of materials by welding, soldering, back-casting and other methods are also adaptable. Special CNC-machining processes complete the range of tailor-made customer solutions.


Welding accessories

The range of products includes the complete spectrum of arc welding torches, gas nozzles, TIG electrodes and weld pool fuses and other accessories.