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TC Livarstvo

Your partner in foundry

TC Livarstvo

Software for numerical analysis of foundry processes

TC Livarstvo is official representative for selling ESI Group software on area of ex-Yugoslavia countries.

We are specialized on selling and offering complete support for Visual-CAST software. For Visual-CAST software we can do presentations, technical support for the users and all the necessary educations for basic and advance program users.

Visual-CAST software is program for numerical analysis of casting technologies. Visual-CAST uses two different solvers with different numerical methods. ProCAST solver is using Finite Element Method (FEM), QuikCAST is using Finite difference Method (FDM).

Contact us and we will present the software capabilities and prepare you the optimal offer.

ESI Group softwares

TC Livarstvo is official representative for selling ESI Group software on area of ex-Yugoslavia countries.

ESI Group software portfolio covers several programs for virtual design and virtual planning and virtual production.


More about specific software you can find at ESI Group webpage or you can contact us and we will prepare proper presentation for you.


One of the ESI Group's software advantages is that some of them are able to form virtual chain. That means that complete production process of some part can be done in virtual; in virtual environment the process can be optimized in such degree that first prototype piece can also be first parts from serial production.
Example from virtual chain is welded piece which is assembled from stamped plate. Parts of plate are stamped, assembled and welded. If we consider in virtual production each technology - stamping and welding; on its own we get different results than if we consider residual stresses from stamping as an input data for welding process. Several software in ESI Group portfolio can form a virtual chain.


Fondarex representative for selling vacuum HPDC equipment

Swiss company Fondarex is specialized company for production f vacuum systems for High Pressure Die Casting machines. Vacuum system is used to evacuate air from the die cavity before the HPDC shoat appear. With this we reduce the amount of entrapped air in the casting what leads to lower porosity. Together with Fondarex experts we can offer you complete service form design, production, assembly, education and servicing of the equipment.

Selling and consulting of tungsten products

Tungsten alloys

Weldstone supplies semi-finished products and blanks based on tungsten and tungsten alloys in various geometries and compositions. Available are a series of standard alloys which meet the different standards like e.g. ASTM B777, MIL-T-21014D or AMS 7725E.

Weldstone supplies most of the products as ready-to-use end products. In this way, customers benefit from the machining processes specially tailored to these materials and receive high-precision products with a full guarantee. Since in many cases final blanks can be produced, customers save money on materials and get cost-optimized solutions.

Weldstone represents the complete production process, from powder production to CNC processing. This allows Weldstone to produce and combine very individual materials. The joining of materials by welding, soldering, back-casting and other methods are also adaptable. Special CNC-machining processes complete the range of tailor-made customer solutions.


Welding accessories

The range of products includes the complete spectrum of arc welding torches, gas nozzles, TIG electrodes and weld pool fuses and other accessories.


Development and optimization of thermal analysis for Al alloys

TC Livarstvo is developing its own program for thermal analysis od aluminium alloys. Sample of melted alloy is analyzed during the solidification. The analyzed temperatures from cooling curve are compared with the temperatures from equilibrium temperatures and then with special algorithm the program can inform us if the melt treatment was proper and what mechanical properties in the casting we can expect.