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TC Livarstvo

Your partner in foundry

TC Livarstvo

Numerical simulations of foundry processes

With over 10 years of experience with numerical calculations of foundry processes we can solve your problems with your casted part. With numerical calculation we can optimize foundry technology with aim for better casting quality and/or for more economic production.

At our work we are using software’s from the ESI Group. For numerical calculations of foundry processes, we are using Visual-CAST software. Visual-CAST uses two different solvers with different numerical methods. ProCAST solver is using Finite Element Method (FEM), QuikCAST is using Finite difference Method (FDM).


Production of small series and prototype castings

We can provide you consulting and planning of adequate foundry technology for casting production. Together with our partners we can offer also the production of the parts.

All we need is drawing or prototype. Base on the complexity of geometry, number of castings and type of alloy the foundry technology is defined. After the foundry is selected the final optimization of foundry technology is defined and the molding plate or die is made. At the end the casting and machining of the part is done.


Foundry technology consulting

TC Livarstvo has several years of experience, knowledge and skills to eliminate technology and metallurgy problems at casting production. We have done several optimizations and development of new casting technologies for all types of foundry technologies (all types of HPDC, LPDC, gravity casting in unique and permanent mold, investment casting, continuous casting, centrifugal casting). We have experience with all standard alloys (aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, grey iron, steel) and with special alloys, which we can develop and define specially for your needs.